Friday, August 13, 2010

electronic textbooks make sense

I am preparing to teach three graduate level courses this semester and discovered that several of the textbooks are available for the Kindle on The cool thing is that even though a Kindle is a popular electronic device, Amazon has chosen to make the process non-platform specific.... and free. That means that you can download Kindle for free for your PC, your Mac, various cellphones and with your Amazon account, you can read your books a lot of places. And you don't have to buy the $189 Kindle to do so. You still have to buy the electronic books, but they are still about the same or often cheaper than the printed textbooks.

So I am going to encourage my students to buy electronic versions when possible. Why? They can take notes in the Kindle application. They can copy citations electronically. It just makes sense. And if you think that paper is ruining the planet (it's debatable) then you can also satisfy your inner hippie environmentalist tree-hugger. I just prefer the lack of library maintenance with paper volumes!

Kindle for PC downloadable by clicking this link.

- Posted with my iPad. The Apple Kool-Aide tastes fine.

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