Friday, June 8, 2012

while evil reigns

And he remained with them six years, hidden in the house of God, while Athaliah reigned over the land.
2 Chronicles 22:12

wicked queens, wicked kings
doing all their wicked things
what's a righteous soul to do
while evil reigns? evil reigns

they fill their hands with wicked things
those wicked queens and wicked kings
and the land is filled with iniquity
while evil reigns... evil reigns

O my God, save us all
restore your people from this fall
it is on You our hopes now call
change our hearts... save us now!

wickedness and greed it brings
fill lives with suffering
we bide our time, pray and sigh
while evil reigns... evil reigns

hidden away with secrecy
is salvation from this misery
God ends oppression with irony
when evil reigns... evil reigns

O dear Lord, bring forth the day
when You save us by Your grace
as in You we see the King
Who vanquished sin and death. We sing!

let our God reign! let our God reign!

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