Monday, May 13, 2013

You are God; I am not.

Have you an arm like God, and can you thunder with a voice like his?
Job 40:9

Long ago in early days
at an ancient city gate
You taught a man Your ways
rewarded his love and made him great.

Job sat like a king
as others sought his advice
You gave him everything
impressed with holiness and lack of vice

And he served You faithfully
others knew his kindness
until the enemy in jealousy
asked to tear him down to sadness

Your sovereign will knew
that in his heart Job still loved You
so the tragedy started and grew
mounting losses of all given by You

Job wept in pain with riches and children gone
but trusted You as in control
and when disease destroyed his skin he hung on
while others cursed, he would not let go

Friends came to comfort his grief
but only spouted accusation
each spoke words with no relief
adding to growing frustration

Job cried to You to come
and speak words of deliverance;
he hoped in You, though numb
from pain, confusion... bewilderment

And then at last You spoke to him
Job learned a lesson not forgot...
he did not need You to explain Yourself to him
for.. "You are God; I am not."

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