Friday, February 27, 2009

A providential parting of ways.

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Then Esau took his wives, his sons, his daughters, and all the members of his household, his livestock, all his beasts, and all his property that he had acquired in the land of Canaan. He went into a land away from his brother Jacob.
Genesis 36:6

With Esau out of the land of Canaan, he is effectively out of the picture of the line of generations that God is drawing to himself to build the nation Israel. This is a providential parting. Esau is not angry, and it appears that the reconciliation of the brothers was indeed cordial, for Esau simply chose to move on. It was probably easy for him to do, since he had married Canaanite wives and chosen the life of the people of the land.

From here on out in Genesis we focus on Jacob (Israel) and the work that God was going to do to protect this seedling of a nation. But God also promised to make of Esau what He had promised to his grandfather Abraham, and indeed, Esau's departure lands him right where a nation can thrive: Edom. So there is the faithfulness of God even in this providential turn of events. Esau made a real choice to move on, but it was because God had materially blessed his family as well, and it was easiest for him to go where Canaanite leanings took him.

So God is proven faithful in His providence, in His provisions, and in His promises.

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