Thursday, March 4, 2010

Obedience, part 2.

glowing bible So Moses told the sons of Israel to observe the Passover. They observed the Passover in the first month, on the fourteenth day of the month, at twilight, in the wilderness of Sinai; according to all that the LORD had commanded Moses, so the sons of Israel did.

Numbers 9:4-5


When things went well for Israel in the wilderness it was because they followed closely what God told them to do. In this case it was with keeping the Passover even while nomads in the desert. They were learning obedience and learning it quite well. These clear successes in the Book of Numbers show us that Israel was capable of following God’s terms. The Law itself was not unreasonable.


Really, all of chapter nine focuses on this obedience. The last part of the chapter focuses on how this was defined in a visible way for the entire camp of Israelites. God’s presence was manifested in the middle of the camp above the tabernacle. A cloud was visible by day there. At night it glowed like fire. All of Israel could turn toward the middle of camp at any time and know what to do. They looked to God. If His presence lifted away from the tabernacle, the broke camp and followed Him (Numbers 9:23). It was that direct.


It is not quite as visible today, but I believe the process is equally direct. Christians still must center on God’s presence. Now it is found through obeying His Word. I find God in the pages of the Bible as clearly and irrefutably as if a cloud or fire hovered over my Bible! We must set biblical truth smack in the middle of our lives. From there we can get direction. God will lead us clearly. We were created to shape and rule this earth under the guidance of God. To walk with Him in this way we must be close to Him. To know His thoughts, we must live and dwell with His Word at the center of all we do. We must read it to do that. Really…. read it… and do what it says.


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