Tuesday, October 26, 2010

spiritual stamina

Therefore Hebron became the inheritance of Caleb the son of Jephunneh the Kenizzite to this day, because he wholly followed the LORD, the God of Israel.
Joshua 14:14

Caleb makes me think of Popeye the Sailor. I can't say just why, but I think the old dude was pretty scrappy. Caleb was eighty five years old when he approached Joshua and asked to be given the region around Hebron as his family inheritance. Caleb was the only survivor besides Joshua of the generation that refused to accept the first invitation to take the Promised Land. Caleb had patiently waited for 45 years to see this day. And he asked for a tough assignment! Hebron was fortified and was known for its warrior class reputation. But Caleb at 85 was still strong for battle. And God enabled his clan to successfully gain the territory for themselves.

I would hope that should I be given the chance to live as long that I would be able to be the same way. But regardless of age, the lesson of spiritual stamina is the most important one. Caleb was able to live to see this day because he firmly believed God and exhibited strong faith in the midst of opposition. Frankly, anything he found in terms of Canaanite resistance was nothing compared to the spiritual resistance he had already witnessed and survived among his own people. His faith gave him the mountain country for his own.

And spiritual stamina does not sit back and wait. Caleb fought in the hill country against Canaan's fiercest fighters and the text describing it is short and matter of fact. He conquered the people and claimed what God had given to him. His faith was stable because God rewarded his unwavering commitment to His promises. And Caleb just kept believing God! That is the secret... just keep believing God.

- Prepare your minds for action.
1 Peter 1:13

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