Thursday, December 18, 2008

Windows Live: not bad for Microsoft

IWindows Live am posting this with Windows Live Writer. I recently switched over to Live Mail as well due to my employer switching to nasty Microsoft Outlook Exchange Server for e-mail. I can’t use Outlook 2007 for e-mail because our IT supplier created a fatal chain for me: Exchange Server 2003 with my Outlook 2007 running on my laptop with WinVista Ultimate. The hangup: employer’s provider refuses to write a certificate that WinVista recognizes as safe in this three-way combo/comedy of errors.


But Windows Live Mail has IMAP support. I set it up and bingo, it worked FIRST TIME with no issues. Just told me that the site certificate was “iffy”, I clicked OK, and moved on. Only downside is that I have to import in my Google Calendar to a separate Computer at work so that rest of staff can see my Calendar.


The Live version of Movie Maker (in beta) is to put it mildly, BLAND. You can do a few transitions and color effects (nothing like the real version), so I don’t recommend it. No titles, no graphics, just editing video down and a few rough stitches to hold scenes together. Not worth the effort in my opinion. Windows Photo gallery Live is pretty decent, and I have not been disappointed with it.

So as much as I resist it, I am again a MicroSlave to Windows.

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