Wednesday, May 13, 2009

So is this the spark of life?

Read this story at wired:

Now notice several key considerations:
1) This had to happen under really controlled laboratory conditions.
2) It involved "intelligent" manipulation of the process. It really was not random like evolution would demand.
3) The repeated speculatory language: "probably", "might have", "theorize".

This is nowhere near creating or discovering an origin of life. It is the creation of RNA using its precursory chemicals. We had to know what they were and then we had to play with the process to see RNA synthesize. This is no different than growing a crystal under the right conditions, or for that matter, mixing together any other chemical compound. It is just more complicated. If this is a true "origin", then it should be observable, say in the Mojave desert, or a current climate here on earth, maybe in a volcanic area, mineral deposits, etc. I wonder how many serious media outlets will point these things out...

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