Friday, March 22, 2013

plea for justice

If it is a contest of strength, behold, he is mighty! If it is a matter of justice, who can summon him? Though I am in the right, my own mouth would condemn me; though I am blameless, he would prove me perverse.
Job 9:19-20

Job is admitting that even a blameless man is still a sinner and cannot stand in comparison to a holy God. In that fact he is in agreement with the assessment given by his friends. In reality he is always accountable to God for his wrong. There is no comparison. God is omnipotent and holy. No man can match that reality.

The heart's cry from Job in this reply to Bildad is for God to be just. He longs to be shown as clear of great transgression. His friends (now his accusers) would be silenced by a pronouncement from God. And that is the agonizing request of Job. He prays for someone to arbitrate this 'difference' with God so that all can see the wisdom of God and Job's innocence of wrong as well by God's declaration. But Job knows he cannot possibly be the person to do this. No man can stand between another man in a dispute with Almighty God!

Job's point is that only God can vindicate him. It is useless for Job or any other person to attempt to do so. Job knows in his heart the facts of his relationship with God, but he is still a sinful man. Only a holy God could initiate a defense of Job that mattered. And that is the appeal of Job's plea for justice.

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