Thursday, March 7, 2013

prophecy as motivation

In the fifth month, on the tenth day of the month-that was the nineteenth year of King Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon-Nebuzaradan the captain of the bodyguard, who served the king of Babylon, entered Jerusalem. And he burned the house of the LORD, and the king's house and all the houses of Jerusalem; every great house he burned down. And all the army of the Chaldeans, who were with the captain of the guard, broke down all the walls around Jerusalem.
Jeremiah 52:12-14

Everything that the LORD had decreed by the mouths of His prophets concerning the fall of Jerusalem and the captivity of Judah came to pass. Jeremiah faithfully records the historical details of Babylon's siege of Jerusalem and the ensuing deportation of her citizens to Babylon. God's Word was faithful, even as God's people were not. The rubble that remained was a silent charred witness to the power of God in covenant with His people.

It is fitting for Jeremiah to end with this historical reminder. It is the capstone of the prophet's faithful proclamation of the warnings and admonishments God had given him to speak to Judah. He did so faithfully, living through the cycle of destruction to see God's activity in judgment confirmed. And the Jews survived in a remnant that God had promised to return to their homeland.

The Word of God is clear and true in its details, warnings, and promises. And fulfilled prophecy serves as a vivid reality to take God's Word seriously. It is proof of His work among humanity. It is how we see Him and know Him. And it calls us to follow and fear Him, not out of worry over the fires of judgment, but out of awe of His faithfulness to what He says He will do.

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