Tuesday, April 9, 2013

accusation is not comfort

The heavens will reveal his iniquity, and the earth will rise up against him. The possessions of his house will be carried away, dragged off in the day of God's wrath. This is the wicked man's portion from God, the heritage decreed for him by God.
Job 20:27-29

Zophar's "comfort" of Job s really just solid accusation. His is the most rigid theology of punishment. Only a really, really wicked man would lose everything in punishment for his sins. And Job is left to draw his own conclusions. Zophar's speech is actually a very mean-spirited attack on Job.

The sad reality is that really no one could be helped by Zophar's accusations. Even if it were true in Job's case, he is offered no hope, just condemnation. Zophar is like the Law, condemning sin, but bringing no relief from it. And that is not what will help his friend, Job.

We need to be careful about accusation. Yes, I believe in the conviction of sin, but I firmly trust that is the work of the Holy Spirit with the Word of God. To accuse someone myself with my own words is itself a sin. And that is why judgmentalism has no place in the gospel.

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