Wednesday, August 7, 2013

glory givers

For my own sake, for my own sake, I do it, for how should my name be profaned? My glory I will not give to another. 

Isaiah 48:11

God's real motivation is explained to a people who were ignoring Him. They had no interest in God, although they were His called, covenant people. They ran away from Him even as He called them to remember His love and past deliverances and to repent and return to Him. And so God would continue to bring them to Himself for HIS OWN SAKE.

God loves sinners not so much for their actions as for His own glory. He is a good God Who will save us from ourselves, even when we run from Him. And He will do it for His name's sake so that we no longer profane Him. He will not let us be "glory thieves". When He saves and when He judges, the focus is put Godward, where it needs to be.

If God were not holy and all-wise, this would seem selfish. But it is not, precisely because He is holy and the source of all things. It is the best thing to worship and give glory to The Lord. We were born to worship The Lord. And anything else is just part of that big purpose. The New Testament puts it clearly in focus: Whatever you eat or drink or whatever you do... do all for the glory of God. God is not just worshiped in a religious service, rather He is worshiped by the life we give to Him every moment of every day.

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