Thursday, November 28, 2013

the oil of gladness

you have loved righteousness and hated wickedness. Therefore God, your God, has anointed you with the oil of gladness beyond your companions; 

Psalm 45:7

If anything, Thanksgiving is a time for "bragging" on the goodness of God's blessings. So I will make a list of the "oil of gladness" God has poured over me this year:

1. I will start with Jesus. That is not just the "spiritual" thing to do. If I did not have my Savior's love and the change that He brings, I would be miserably selfish and probably nothing but completely disillusioned about life.

2. My amazing wife. She always completes me and my life would be unfinished without her love.

3. My kids.  For all practical purposes they have grown into mature people... and have become uniquely themselves. I appreciate their gifts and personalities. I hope that they will be my friends in their adult years.

4. My extended family.  I am blessed with Christian family on all sides of my home. They humble me and bless me with their love of The Lord and caring lives.

5. My church. I'll stand side by side with my brothers and sisters at Mill Creek through joys and adversities. And I work with the finest ministry servants (both on staff and as volunteers) that I have ever known. It is a joy every day!

6. The little joys. God gave us two great family vacations this year. I got in several fishing excursions as well. I made new fishing buddies in the process that were all times of joy and heart gladdening FUN!

7. Eternity's perspective. It is in the joys that I gain a wonder for eternal pleasures. Naturalism CANNOT explain this soul-craving for joy and the satisfaction it brings. It is from God's hand, both the craving, and the fulfillment. And in it I see I am made for eternity. Only God blesses this way!

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