Thursday, January 9, 2014

only God does not disappoint us...

Trust in him at all times, O people; pour out your heart before him; God is a refuge for us. Selah 

Psalm 62:8

Timely advice. Always. 

I am thinking those three words are the deepest comments I can make on this psalm. It is my experience that God is capable of taking all my trust and is worthy of praise. God never fails. People will disappoint. I will fail as well. I fail God. I fail my family. I fail other people. People will fail me if I seek them as my source of support and strength. But God is always faithful and I can trust Him... ALWAYS.

I have spent over twenty-five years of my life in professional ministry in churches and Christian institutions, living my adult life nearly exclusively in this weird enclave that is American Christian culture. Christians don't trust God nearly as much as we should. I don't always trust God like I should. The call to pour out my heart to Him is as important for me to do today as it ever has been. We need The Lord to be God over us more than ever! That is why we worship!

The big temptation (and failure... let's admit it, literally for God's sake!) among Christians is self-reliance and/or replacing trust in God with trust in something or someone else. We trust fallible teachers and leaders more than God many times. We trust programs or curriculum for our Christian growth rather than God and His Word. We have created a vast marketing and publishing money machine to ensure we buy into it. I firmly believe that some of teachers and publishing houses would be churning out "40 day programs" with smiling book covers and promotional tours even from the fires of hell! Christian culture adopts psychological manipulations sprinkled lightly with bits of Christianese and twisted scriptural concepts as its popular "truth". It says something about American evangelicals that many leading evangelical gurus are introduced as "psychologists and authors". Sadly, we need to repent of holding our hearts back from firmly trusting God.

Once again, Lord, I am weak. I am tired of seeing the Christian landscape so devoid of You and Your mighty power! Forgive me when I fail to trust You. Please, purge Your church of its idolatry and begin with me, so that we may truly pour our hearts out to You!

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