Tuesday, February 25, 2014

7 days a week

How great are your works, O LORD! Your thoughts are very deep! 

Psalm 92:5

In the title of this psalm we are given the occassion for its use. It is a psalm for the Sabbath Day. It was meant to celebrate the day of rest that God commanded for His people. They ceased from all work in order to worship Him. And this song became part of that experience.

While ceasing from their work, the children of Israel sang of the works of The Lord. Taking a break, they broke into song. Resting in God became active celebration. They purposefully pondered the Person of their praise and prospered under God's provision. It was not that the Sabbath was a requirement solely by command, but rather that it was a reason to celebrate and to remember God's care for all seven days of the week.

God always does amazing things, but we may not always recognize Him. God's thoughts are important to us. It is crucial that we know Him. Sabbath was a time to read His Word, reflect on His Truth, and know the mind of God so that worship and direction could sustain spiritual maturity. Without sleep our health declines... our minds will slip. Without rest the strength of our bodies will fail. Without a quiet worship-filled break to rest and honor God, our souls will burn out.

O Lord,

Your ways are mighty. Your work is profound. You have saved me and You provide for me. And all that I have... family, home, friends, or the fellowship of Your Church... all of them are Your great work given by Your gracious and unfathomable wisdom. The depths of Your work and Your thoughts to me are beyond me still. Thank You, Lord!


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