Monday, May 12, 2014

top ten: praise for great things

The LORD has done great things for us; we are glad. 

Psalm 126:3

God's work, His care and His provision for us, is a source of unending joy. God is good and His love for us is always on display in the reality of the gospel. Jesus has provided eternal life AND abundant life. There is joy in knowing what God has done has forever changed us. And we are glad to be the recipients of God's good grace!

My "short list" of the great thing God has done for me:

1) He led my parents to Christ when I was 7 years of age.

2) He led me to understand and believe the gospel at that same time.

3) He surrounded me with solid gospel preaching and loving Christian influence.

4) He taught me through key relationships with other Christians.

5) He gave me a great Christian wife.

6) He blessed me with loving children.

7) He led me to serve in awesome ministry!

8) He gave me the chance to work among Christian leaders with integrity who challenge me to lead correctly and for the glory of God.

9) I am blessed to be able to provide for my family during difficult economic uncertainties.

10) I could add to this list substantially because God's goodness is profoundly abundant!

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