Monday, March 17, 2014

eat then die

All the toil of man is for his mouth, yet his appetite is not satisfied.

Ecclesiastes 6:7

There you have it. The end of naturalism as a motivating lifestyle is absolute frustration. It is not a good thing. We work hard, we feed our faces, yet we will be hungry again until the moment we die. That is not very exciting. It is a drudgery and just a mere existence.

I don't see how mere naturalism can be a joy to the heart of anyone. I watched Neil DeGrasse Tyson exult evolution as a personally spiritual experience for him as last night's episode of "Cosmos" did its best to defeat arguments for a Creator. But evolution is just the epitome of "eat and then die" morbidity. Hardly spiritual... in fact it is a logical fallacy to suggest that naturalistic processes create "spiritual" experiences. DUH!

I enjoy the philosophical merits of Christianity. It places the natural world in a created order. It is not an "eat then die" conclusion. But instead it finds a fulness of joy in the nail-scarred hands of Him Who gives Himself for us so that we may enjoy life! It is life beyond life. That is a spiritual experience that is impossible via naturalism.

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